Anna Paquin


I met Paul Wesley, Torrey Devitto, Nathaniel Buzolic and Matt the SV friends, it was nice meeting Paul since he had a role in SV season 2. He is awesome, actually all of them are really nice. :)
Allison Mack


Just finished my Chloe/James T. Kirk vid, I'm so happy because I've wanted to make this vid for months and this weekend I had the time. I don't think it's that great, but I'm proud. :D

They would be so cute, it's amazing how Allison has chemistry with ANY actor...the Allison Mack/Chris Pine pairing makes my heart melt. LOL

Hope I can upload it soon.
Anna Paquin

RL stuff

1. I come back to college this monday. I'm feeling so down. But it's the last year, finally!

2. The Metallica concert last sunday was AWESOME. Man, one of the best shows I ever watched, perfect really and I got a pick!! :)

3. Now I'm going out with some friends, I need to have some fun cause I've been thinking about work a lot today.